I, Alex Weinstein, challenge you! To a stock car race or sabre duel. Dare!?

NEVER CLICK ON THIS LINK. This next link (not yet hold still) IS GREAT THOUGH. It's a HARDASS CAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL fer Rebels!


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P-38 Lightning Preparing to Kill.

I make the people you want to do something, do it. I get legal, non-violent revenge. Also running for Congress.

Generate excitement

Senator (also unofficial Governor) HUEY LONG in 1935.

Nigger Fag Jew Pig Retard Cunt Yankee (not that there's anything wrong with being any of the first six of those NEW GEORGE CARLIN'S SEVEN WORDS YOU CAN NEVER SAY ON TELEVISION or while running for office)

Close the deal

WESTern VIRGINIA in, Florida OUT.

I ain't no racist. First cocksucker that says that and I can identify your life you get a "visit" from the R.A.F. #BlackLivesMatter 'PREJUDICED' IS A WIDER TERM THAN 'RACIST' know your English language Progressives of the 1st District of WVa! I AM AN AGGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE.




SAVE THE PLANET fuck the red tape

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I know what I'm talking about.

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I have about 500 spaces left for FB friends.

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I fucked yer mom.

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Message me for those answers. 

CHOOSE WISELY for the best way to talk me is to be honest.


I'm High how are you? 

the Rebel Air Force (R.A.F.)

1720 Goff Avenue, Clarksburg, West Virginia 26301, United States

(304) 629 1051

CONTACT ME ANYTIME but give me 24hrs to respond AT PRESENT stop I HAVE A LIFE no! fans!! FULL STOP

Open today

7:30 am – 1:15 pm

  • WHISTLEBLOWERS! SOS I am your friend.

  1. IF YOU CALL ME I RECORD THE CALL and publish it if it's interesting. 
  2. IF YOU EMAIL ME I publish it. 
  3. If you message me on FB and ask that it stays confidential I'll speak briefly. 
  4. If you require serious encryption I have Telegram search my phone number. 
  5. IF YOU FUCK WITH ME first you might contact my boss @USNavyCNO and ask him what kind of computer tools I have access to if necessary. OTHERWISE HAVE FUN. I like a goddamn good time. I LOVE MY WIFE girls!!!
  6. NSFSnowflakes LINK if you click on that and you get offended YOU HAVEN'T CLICKED IT YET. Maybe you're already offended. IT WILL GET WORSE so don't do it! Don't click on it.
  7. Yes I want you to click on it if you're not one of the victims. If you're AN ALLY. I want you to click on it. If you're black, religious, Jewish specifically but all, gay, trans, white and you hate yourself for it, any minority with a victim history complex and anyone but @GeorgeCarlin and @BillBurr and OTHER COMEDIANS WHO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU MAKE FUN OF THE PEOPLE WHO DEMAND NOT TO BE MADE FUN OF until they chill out I don't want you to click on it. 
  8. If you do click on it AND YOU GET SUPER OFFENDED WHY! did you click on it? Did you want to feel how you will feel? TURN AWAY. And shut up CHURCH LADY. The fuckin' CHURCH LADY made fun OF REPUBLICANS. DEMOCRATS were always THE HIPPER, cooler party. Where the 'dangerous' people hung out NOW ALL THE 'dangerous' people ARE BEING LABELED THAT BY THOSE SAME OLDER former hippies. It's a reversal of political power.
  9. Hippies now manage the media mostly. THEY ARE THE POWER STRUCTURE THAT COMEDIANS BY NATURE and rebel contract ARE SUPPOSED TO GET RID OF. That's what I'm doing.